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Why PYO Started

Pick Your Own recognises that there are a significant number of people who are feeling isolated and a bit stuck and also an increasing number of women recognising that they have ADHD. 

As with all new ideas and language it can take a while to be properly understood and at the moment the talk about ADHD and general loneliness and anxiety is increasing but wading though the noise and understanding your own needs can be overwhelming. Pick Your own understands that essential in all this, people need a relationship in which they feel safe and listened to and where they can explore their own needs and be supported in a way that suits them. 

Whilst there are a number of people needing clinical mental health interventions there are others who would benefit from a less formal and more flexible kind of support.  Pick Your Own offers warmth and friendship, time and attention and the practical and emotional support needed to work towards realising each person's best hopes. 

Coaching helps you to recognise your own strengths, resources and resilience, your competency and  achievement and how to tap into these to support your hopes and realise possibilities. It can help people shift their focus from negative self framing to understand and manage feelings of anxiety, worry and low confidence.

The benefits of physical, creative activity and learning opportunities are well documented. It is also known that connecting with others, building relationships and giving, as well as, receiving support is good for our wellbeing and helps us to feel better about ourselves. Pick Your Own is happy to offer support around this.

January 2020
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