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Elizabeth looks forward to working with you

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth is a qualified teacher and has trained in various counselling and coaching approaches, she has spent many years working with and for young people. She has been a head teacher of a small school for young people with behavioural and emotional difficulties, a special educational needs co-ordinatoor (SENCO) in a Brighton primary school, a behaviour consultant and  provided training to schools. She has worked for East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Education Authorities as a manager for both SEN and mental health & wellbeing systems and provided school support and advice around these. Outside of education and wellbeing she has managed and delivered support for young carers through the Carers's Centre and supported women through Brighton Threshold. 


She was diagnosed with ADHD at the grand old age of 51 and understands the complexities and highs and lows of living with this condition and would love to offer her skills, experience and support to other women who are living with ADHD or women and teens who are feeling a bit anxious or low in confidence. Elizabeth co-facilitated adult support sessions and set up and facilicated parent support sessions through ADHD Aware in Brighton.

Elizabeth wants to help those women and young people who haven't always found it easy to get what they need and for them to feel listened to and supported in a way that works for them.  

Interview with Elizabeth

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