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Are you worried about a young person?

With my background in SEN and Wellbeing as a teacher, SENCO, Head teacher, team manager and mentor/coach I have many years experience supporting young people who benefit from understanding, caring and sensitive additional support. I set up Pick Your Own in Brighton & Hove to support those, often quieter, sometimes withdrawn and isolated young people who were struggling socially, emotionally and educationally. This approach had a life changing impact on the young people I was privileged to support, check out the testimoials and case studies. Having relocated, I am delighted to now be offering this in Worthing and Adur.


Tell the teenagers
That this will not go on forever, that very very soon, their life will begin again and it will begin in glorious technicolour.

Tell the teenagers
That they are not being left behind, that all the other young people are waiting too, this stress is collective.

Tell the teenagers
That night is darkest before dawn, so if they are feeling extra hopeless right now, that’s because it’s coming to an end, soon.

Tell the teenagers
That it’s possible to feel utter despair and misery, then, for no apparent reason, to wake up one day and to suddenly feel joy again, we don’t know why. Don’t believe anything to be permanent, it’s not.

Tell the teenagers
That we may not understand how this is affecting them but we can imagine, and we can worry. We don’t know what to do for the best but we are here.

Tell the teenagers
That one day they will look back on this and realise it made them a far better human somehow. They will seize the moment, face the fears and take every opportunity with open arms. And when tough times come, they will remember they survived.

Tell the teenagers
To find a little purpose every day and hang onto it, like a life raft. Anything, no matter how small, can keep you afloat.

Tell the teenagers
That what they are enduring right now is not fair, it’s not easy and it is hard. But great things are coming, if they can just hang on and wait…


Just a little longer.

Donna Ashworth



Is your young person struggling with; 

- confidence,

- feeling understood,

- loneliness,

- friendships,

- school/college,

- has signs of or a diagnosis of ADHD,

- can't talk to you ?

They would benefit from a trusted adult outside of the family who is interested in what's going on for them and who is in their corner and will help them be heard and understood and to feel much better about themselves.

For under 16’s I can work with parents and the young person together, the young person alone, alternate sessions or work with parents alone to start with on a 3 session package.

For 16's and over, young people can be supported independently and confidentially (unless there's a safeguarding issue) but I will check back with parents in consultation and agreement with the young person. A free initial chat can include discussion around the best the ways to engage your young person.

      Packages available:

  • Build up with sensitive mentoring and a solution focussed coaching approach to build them back up and help them move forwards with strength and motivation- help young people to feel heard, valued and much more confident in themselves.

  • ADHD mentoring & coaching: Self Knowledge, Acceptance & Growth to understand their brain and how best to work with it for a thriving life. Getting to understand your own version of ADHD is essential in utilising your strengths  and managing your own needs.

  • Learning confidence booster packages- short AQA units are particuarly good for the ADHD interest based nervous system and for those who've lost their learning confidence and for teens and young adults who would get a real boost from studying an interest and achieving a certificate. 

PYO takes referrals from teachers, social workers, mental health workers, family support workers, youth workers and other proferssionals who recognise that a young person would benefit from warm and personalised support to help them engage and grow.

       Packages available:

  • 1:1 mentoring/confidence/advocacy/ADHD management

  • facilitated group work around
    - ADHD management,

    - confidence and anxiety

  • learning confidence booster packages with AQA unit learning 

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