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Hello and welcome.
I am Elizabeth and I provide friendly, flexible support to women in Worthing and Adur.
I support;
- women who might be feeling low in confidence, a bit anxious, maybe a bit stuck and would like someone to talk things through with.  
- women who have suspected or diagnosed ADHD and who would like support and understanding from someone with lived experience.
It is called Pick Your Own because you choose when, where and what the sessions are like. 
It is a blend of mentoring and coaching;

Mentoring shares knowledge, skills and experience, to help you to develop and grow.
Coaching provides guidance around goals and helps you reach your potential.

The overall aim is for you to feel more confident in yourself.

Drop me a text or an email and I'll set up an intial free chat and you can find out more and decide if it's for you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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About PYO

Pick Your Own (PYO)  offers low cost 1:1 support to women in Worthing & Adur feeling a bit anxious and low in confidence and to women with suspected or diagnosed ADHD. It is delivered by Elizabeth  who has 25+ years of experience in education, SEN and wellbeing, working with and fighting for young people. She is now combining her professional skills and experience with her lived experience as a woman with ADHD and is offering the PYO approach to other women.  Elizabeth supports women at their chosen space and pace, with person-centred, strengths-based support. She can connect virtually on Zoom, WhatsApp, over the phone or face to face,  in your home, out for a walk or in a cafe - whatever is comfortable for you.

Want to be listened to?
Want to feel understood?
Want to thrive not just survive?
Want help to think about your best hopes?
Want time and space to chat about just you?

Get in touch in any way that feels comfortable for you.
Pick Your Own type of support- online, out with the dog, over a coffee, on the beach, in your home...


You’re the only person I’ve felt comfortable talking to. I don’t like therapy. You help me think about solutions.

Get In Touch

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